Current Openings

Business Analyst

Last Date to Apply: 30 June, 2018

Job Overview

The Business Analyst will work as a part of the NCEAC technical team and will be responsible for eliciting the requirements from end users, creating user experiences and managing the delivery of projects. The purpose of this role is to form a link between business and technology and making complex technical and business processes easy to understand. They will be expected to learn and design user experiences and work alongside the development team to ensure that the program delivery runs smoothly.


The right candidate will be expected to have the following attributes:

  1. Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Science or a related field.
  2. Experience in the Field will be preferred
Technical Skills
  1. Knowledge of Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  2. Knowledge of Agile and Waterfall development life cycles and benefits and risks of each
  3. Knowledge of database concepts and SQL
  4. Knowledge of C# and Visual Studio
  5. Ability to draw wire frames
Other Qualities
  1. Ability to explain complex processes in technical and laymen terms
  2. Ability to work in a fast paced environment with minimal supervision
  3. Ability to handle quickly changing priorities
  4. Excellent communication and stakeholder management skills
  5. Passion to learn business process analysis and engineering
  6. Passion to learn and create user experience deliverables such as personae and user journeys

Technical Intern

Last Date to Apply: 8 July, 2018

Job Overview

The National Computing Education Accreditation Council, HEC is offering internship positions to candidates with basic knowledge of ASP.NET MVC, Databases and Software Testing. This role will require you to work alongside the technical development team and take ownership of the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide technical support to existing systems
  2. Manage content on the department’s website
  3. Document and resolve customer issues
  4. Work alongside the development team to fix bugs identified during testing
  5. Audit existing web applications and suggest areas of improvement
  6. Coordinate across teams to prepare for releases
  1. Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Science or a related field.
Required Skills
  1. Strong programming and problem solving skills
  2. Knowledge of databases and SQL
  3. Basic knowledge of software testing
  4. Knowledge of how websites work
  5. Knowledge of software architecture
  6. Ability to convey technical information to non-technical clients
Other Qualities
  1. Good communication skills
  2. Ability to deal with difficult customers
  3. Ability to stay calm under pressure
  4. Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without compromising on either

What we offer

We will offer you responsibilities and opportunities to train and develop professionally. Working with us will provide you with the prospects of:

  1. Shape the future of computer education in Pakistan
  2. Create a difference at HEC by digitizing their back end processes
  3. Work alongside the technology leaders of the nation
  4. Be a part of a rapidly growing team guided by specialists working across the world
  5. Impact the wider education qualifications and their curriculum within Pakistan